Yes, the hand in the photo has no bullet hole in it. It’s just a cool trick from YouTube user Jonathan Harris. As you can see in the video, Jonathan used a black marker to draw a partially covered, huge, black circle on his left palm. Then, he used an orange marker to put “blood” on the sides of the circle. Next, he drew a skull on a piece of paper and cut the nose part. He put it on his palm just in place with the “hole” of the circle. The next part is pretty easy. You can also [More]
Can you easily be fooled with some things you see? Well, here’s a very interesting optical illusion test for you brought to us by BuzzFeed. Here, there are three rounds where each round has series of photos. For Round 1, you’ll be asked which objects are darker and bigger. For Round 2, you’ll be asked which giraffe and woman is taller? Round 3 is the most interesting test of them all. Here, you’ll be asked to identify which objects are real. You will be asked to find if there is a mistake in a sentence. Don’t forget to leave your [More]
  In this optical illusion video called “Ambiguous Garage Roof” by Kokichi Sugihara from Meiji University in Japan, we see a round roof of a garage that changes its appearance to a corrugated roof when it is reflected in a mirror. The actual shape is neither round nor corrugated. This illusory solid was discovered by combining two observations. One is a mathematical observation that a single image does not covey depth information, and the other is a psychological observation that the human brains like right angles in interpreting an image.
The human brain is the most fascinating organ in our body. Without the “headquarters” of our body, we are not alive. The brain is where our consciousness lives and our memories are preserved. If we are considered “brain dead,” the plug gets pulled on our life support. Optical illusions have been playing tricks with our brain and causing us to question what is real and what is fiction. They can be created by Mother Nature, or they can be manmade. Enjoy these ten of the most mind blowing optical illusions.
It took Hevesh5 and Millionendollarboy three months to build this domino structure. If you don’t think it’s impressive at first glance, wait until you see them knock it down. That’s when its true beauty (or sheer awesomeness) comes out. However you want to phrase it, there’s no denying how cool this build really is. Can you believe they only used between 20,000-25,000 dominoes to make this happen? Please share with family and friends! (Source: Youtube)
Mikhail Sadovnikov is a Russian artist who works with clay. In this video, he is working with a thin layer of wet clay on a rotating pottery wheel. He uses different sponges and turns the table at different speeds to create different designs. As he works, a camera records him from above to show his dramatic and beautiful transformations. Please share this mesmerizing video with your family and friends on Facebook.
When these 3D printed sculptures are spun, they come alive. The master behind these works of art, John Edmark, teaches design at Stanford University. They were created using the Fibonacci Sequence, which occurs naturally in nature in objects like pine cones, flowers and seashells, who knew math could be so stunning and hypnotic? Please share this wonderful video with your family and Facebook friends.
Check these fascinating optical illusions! 4 Amazing Illusions including: The Happy 20 Dollar Bill Illusion The Flipping Arrow Illusion The 3D Mirascope Hologram Illusion The Headless Legoman Illusion    
Prepare to be mesmerized! Just relax and pay attention and be ready to be blown away by these optical illusions. Really cool stuff!            
If you are looking for a compilation of funny and amazing optical illusions, you came to the right place. The first one is quite funny. You will see a group of dancers wearing black and white clothes, with their feet trying to confuse your eyes. The next ones are optical illusions that will drive you crazy. For the last part, you will be invited to look closely to the center of rotating circles for around 40 seconds, and then look away once the video is finish. The result is mind blowing!
Here is a set of basic optical illusions that will test your eyes. However, you should watch the entire video, from start to end. But don’t worry; it’s worth trying. As a general instruction, you have to stare at the screen. Then, you will be asked what color you saw? The test is repeated two more time, but with different answers. To make sure the tests will work for you, make sure that you are focus and have a calm mind. So, go ahead and test your eyes! You won’t believe the results.
An optical illusion is something that you think you see but is actually totally different from reality. To give you some examples, here are five awesome optical illusions. For the first one, do the two Mario and Luigi photos have the same size? For the second one, what word is it? The third one is about defying gravity, while the fourth one is about color confusion. For the fifth and final optical illusion, you should move away from your computer and then forward. The result is truly awesome! Go ahead, try it!