3D Street Art

Art is something that many of us can appreciate and we may even travel hundreds or perhaps even thousands of miles to visit an art museum. Hanging on the museum walls we will find many examples of what most people consider to be art but in reality, life is full of art and it shows in many different ways. One example of art is three-dimensional Street painting, which is something that is gaining in popularity and is quite amazing to see in real life.

The 3-D street art that you see in this video is something that will make you look twice. Although you realize that what you are seeing cannot possibly be true, it still fools both the eyes and the mind into believing that it does exist. Of course, it also has to do with perspective and if you were to look at it from any other angle, you would see that it doesn’t make any sense at all.

3-D street art is designed so that it can be viewed properly from approximately our eye level at one particular vantage point. It is possible to have people interact with the art as well and to come up with pictures, like these, that excite the senses.


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