Largest Domino 3D Pyramid (27×27)

When we were children, we may have played a number of different games that most of us have given up now that we are adults. At times, those games may have involved something rather simple but when we think back on it, the actions of it were quite complex. An example of this is when we would set up dominoes and knock them over in a line. There were actually a number of scientific principles that were involved in it and it formed an illusion that was quite beautiful.

Some people never gave up playing with dominoes in such a way and they may have even taken it to a higher level. That is the case with Sinners Domino Entertainment, who have certainly set the bar higher for anyone who enjoys this pastime. Dominoes are not only knocked over in a line, there can also be various shapes that are formed and when they are collapsed, it is amazing to see.

This German group used 13,486 dominoes to create a three-dimensional pyramid in a school gymnasium. The pyramid was 27 x 27 at the base and when it was completed, it set a world record and gave visual evidence of what is possible when we put our mind to something.


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