Pac-Man Illusion

The world changed in a wonderful way in October 1980, although, at the time, many people didn’t realize it. That was the date that the original Pac-Man game was released in the arcades and before long, it was the most popular game that had ever existed. As a matter of fact, it still tends to maintain a level of popularity down to this day because of its simplicity and the fact that it can be a lot of fun in a challenging way.

If you’re a fan of Pac-Man or any video game, you will appreciate this optical illusion. When you stand at one part of the room, it looks as if there is a floating Pac-Man that is chasing after a ghost and munching on a few dots. It actually looks rather interesting, but it is when you step to the side that it takes on a different look, altogether.

If you were to walk in the room from a different angle, the art may not surprise you and you may even wonder why they had drawn on their walls in such a way. When you see it come together, however, you are sure to be amazed.


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