Rubik’s Cube Anamorphic illusion

When we look at anything in the world around us, we likely have thought that what we see is actually what exists. In many cases, it is true to a limited extent. For example, color may not actually exist in the real world but rather, it is how our brain interprets the light that enters into the retina. In addition, everything that we see is upside down, so the world may look rather strange, indeed.

Another effect that can certainly change the way that we view anything is known as anamorphosis. It involves the perspective that an individual has when they are standing at a specific vantage point. It is the type of optical illusion that we often see when looking at any type of 3-D street art but it can also be printed out and when you see the results, it is quite amazing.

When you look at the Rubik’s cube on this table, it appears to be so realistic that you could reach out and grab it. There are even pennies stacked on top of it! When your perspective of the cube begins to change, however, you will see that it is actually two-dimensional. When you have the right vantage point, however, you can’t help but see it as three-dimensional.


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