Amazing Animated Optical Illusion

There are many different things that we see in the world around us and we use our sense of vision to interpret those items in ways that we don’t quite understand. For example, color has to do with the way that light bounces off of objects and our perspective, in part, has to do with the fact that our eyes are separated slightly from each other. One other factor that we see on a regular basis is movement.

Movement is defined as changing physical location or position, and we see things in motion in the world around us at all times. In many cases, an object in motion will cause us to react in some way or another, such as catching a baseball or stepping out of the way of a moving vehicle. In the case of this optical illusion, however, we are seeing movement that looks realistic but it just doesn’t exist.

Although we see objects as moving in this video, it actually has to do with the way that our brain processes the information that is coming through our visual sense. Regardless of why it happens, however, it’s quite interesting to see and rather beautiful in its own way.


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