Amazing iPad Animations

One of the many different types of optical illusions makes use of a transparent sheet that contains black lines and you drag that sheet over top of another image. When the two images are separate, they really don’t look like much and in some cases, they really appear like a geometric pattern. When they come together, however, they come to life and it tricks the eyes into seeing movement. It is an animation effect that your eyes can’t ignore.

The eyes are one of the most amazing organs in the human body and they are able to pick up the world around us visually. When they do so, they collect light from the world around us and turn it into data that is the read by the brain. It provides us with our comprehension of the world, even though the reality of what is around us may be quite different.

The images that you see in this optical illusion are created on an iPad. There are various programs available that can help you to create them as well. It is really amazing, not only to see a static image moving but also to know that your eye is being fooled by something so simplistic.


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