Strong Natural Hallucination

When it comes to hallucinations, many of us try to avoid them whenever possible. A hallucination provides a perception that something exists in the world around us but it actually doesn’t. Many people consider it to be a type of dreaming, but it does not involve dreaming, allusion or imagery. In many cases, hallucination is associated with sickness or perhaps with the use of medication but as you are about to see, it is also possible to produce a hallucination that is quite interesting.

In the following video, you will be asked to look at the screen for a few moments and save the letters that are in the center of the screen as they appear. It is important that you keep your focus on the center of the screen, because that is what is going to create a hallucination when all is said and done. Don’t worry, the effect is temporary but it is quite amazing.

After looking at the screen for a few moments, you will be given further direction as to what to do next. At that point, you will see something that appears to be impossible, even though you can’t deny the fact that your eye is really seeing it.


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