Amazing Ball Illusion

At one time, optical illusions were something that we looked at when somebody handed us a paper or perhaps we would have a book full of different optical illusions. They often amazed us, showing us that the world was not always exactly as we perceive it. In fact, some of those optical illusions continue to fool us, regardless of how many times we look at them or where they appear.

Today, we still may appreciate a good optical illusion that we see on paper but, more than likely, we see them online. Sometimes, they even are produced through digital means and this is an option that we did not have available several decades ago. When you see this illusion that shows a ball transferring from one electronic device to another, you will be amazed at what is able to be done when things are set up properly.

This particular trick may take a little while to set up, but it can be done through the proper networking and with the right program in place. Once you have it set up, you would be surprised with how many of your family and friends are amazed at what you are able to do.


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