Amazing Fire Trick

When most of us see fire, we really only focus on the flame but the fact is, there is a lot more going on than what you may first consider. Of course, the flame is the hottest part that exists but the smoke is also quite hot as well. It is an underrated part of the burning process, but one that gives us the opportunity for a rather unique experiment. You only need a lighter, a candle and something to hold the candle.

As the flame of the candle is burning, it is also putting off smoke. The smoke may not be easy to see because candles tend to burn cleaner than other types of fire. The smoke is actually a combination of liquid and solid particulates along with gases that are created as the fire is taking place. It is not quite hot enough to catch fire, but the closer you get to the flame, the hotter the smoke becomes.

As you will see in this experiment, it is not only possible to like the wick of a candle but when it is extinguished, you can even light the smoke and restart the candle burning again. It’s something that you will want to try for yourself.


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