The Making of a HyperCard

There are many different types of optical illusions, some of which can be quite difficult to understand. Science has even attempted to explain why they trick the eyes and the mind, but they are often limited in their ability to give a proper explanation. Some optical illusions require complex computer programming but others, such as the one you are about to see, simply require some cards and a pair of scissors.

This optical illusion is known as a hypercard, and it can really trick the mind into wondering how it is even possible. It uses a single card from a deck of playing cards and you would cut it in three places and spin one end to make it appear as if the fold doesn’t quite fit where it should. You can make these out of playing cards, a piece of paper or anything that is possible to cut and it is simple to do.

These types of optical illusions are also considered to be mind tricks and they are a lot of fun when you make them and then try to get your friends to figure out how it was done. Although the solution may be simple, it is often quite elusive for others.


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