Honda Illusions, An Impossible Made Possible

Optical illusions can be a lot of fun and they are something that many of us enjoy viewing when we have a little bit of spare time. Some of them are relatively simple but others are complex. In either case, an optical illusion changes the way that you see the world in front of you and makes the impossible seem possible. It does so in a wide variety of ways but in this video, you are going to see perspective being used brilliantly.

This video is actually a Honda commercial but when you see what they are able to do with optical illusions, you are not going to care that they are trying to sell you a car. In many cases, the illusions that are shown on this commercial have to do with the vantage point of the camera. It works in a similar way as 3-D street art, in which if you’re looking at it from a certain perspective, things just don’t look right.

Not only does this commercial use a Honda that is driving through these various optical illusions, it also uses people rather brilliantly as well. You are certain to want to watch this more than once and perhaps even pause it from time to time because the illusions are impossible to see beyond.


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