When we’re looking at some photos, we can’t help but to have a dirty mind. This is because the pictures were taken in awkward angle. Well, here are 56 of them to test your mind. What is that crocodile doing? Why is the girl in the wedding dress closing her eyes? What is the woman in the café doing to the statue? Is that really a cat’s tail? What do you see on the design of the back of an iPhone? And yes, what are those two objects on a tree? Check the rest on the video. Don’t forget to [More]
When we look at something, we expect that we are seeing the reality of what is there. In many cases, however, what we are seeing has more to do with our perspective rather than what is truly in front of us. Admittedly, it is often accurate and we are able to react according to what we are seeing but what if your mind was to trick you into seeing something that wasn’t real? How would you react? In this video, the Crazy Russian Hacker shows you a rather amazing optical illusion. When you first start watching the video, you will [More]
Most people appreciate a good optical illusion, but they can be frustrating at times as well. That is especially true if you are trying to look beyond the illusion and see what is really in front of you. There are certain aspects about your vision and your brain that will often keep you from really seeing the reality of the situation because of your perspective or other factors. These types of phenomena are rather interesting to study. It is always a lot of fun to look at the optical illusion itself and see how they can trick the eyes, but [More]
Our eyes pick up information from the world around us and they allow us to see the world in a way that allows us to interact with it. This not only includes the perception of color, shapes and size, it also involves motion. Like anything else in the outside world, our eyes pick up light from objects and turn that light into data that can be understood by the brain. In the case of motion, it is known as motion perception. Motion perception is defined as a process of recognizing both the speed and direction of what is in front [More]
When we look at celebrities, we often expect to see them in a particular light. For the most part, they tend to be attractive individuals, either because they actually are attractive or because of the magic of Hollywood and how it makes them appear to us. In either case, they tend to be easy on the eyes and that is something that we have come to expect. As you are about to see, however, things aren’t always what they appear. What if you were to take some of the most beautiful people in the world and turn them into someone [More]
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When it comes to optical illusions, some of them are rather simple to understand but others are going to take you by surprise, no matter how many times you see them. In fact, it doesn’t matter how closely you look or what angle you look at them from, it is going to continue to amaze you in its ability to look unusual. That is certainly going to be your experience when you see these optical illusions that take place right before your eyes. There are a number of different parts of our vision that many of us don’t consider regularly. [More]
When you see the world around you, you perceive it as being full of color and variety. The fact of the matter is, however, color is only an illusion and it does not exist in the real world. What does exist is light, and it depends upon how the light is reflected off of an object as to how we see the color that truly exists. For example, when the light reflects off of an Apple, the wavelengths that appear red reaches the eye and we see it as being red. Would you believe me if I told you could [More]
When we look at anything in the world around us, we automatically think that we are seeing what we should be seeing. What many of us don’t realize, however, is that the eyes are somewhat limited in the amount of information that they can process, even though it is an amazing amount of data. Sometimes, the eyes tend to take a shortcut so that they can get as much information as possible while at the same time, not overloading the circuits, so to speak. Scientific research has shown that there are certain things the mind will do along with the [More]
When we look at the world around us, we see it in vivid color. In fact, without the color that we see, the world would really be limited to a certain extent. What you may not realize is that color might not exist in the world but what does exist is light. When the light reflects off of something in front of us, some of it reaches our eyes and, depending upon the way that it reaches them, we see it as a specific color. Did you realize that one out of every 12 males has a problem seeing color? [More]
When it comes to our vision, most of us just tend to take things for granted. We don’t really consider everything that takes place when we look at the world around us but in reality, it is quite complex. We use our vision to study the world and it can help to guide us in making decisions, many of which we don’t even think about as we are making them. One of the factors that many people don’t consider about their vision is their perception of what they see. For example, did you realize that the world is actually upside [More]
When many of us think about hallucinations, we don’t typically think about something being pleasant. It causes us to see something that doesn’t exist and it is often associated with the effects of medication or perhaps with an illness that we would rather avoid. It is also possible to appreciate hallucinations, especially if we are able to direct them in some way or another. That is what you will experience with this unique video. In this video, you will have to look at the center of the screen and read some letters that are appearing one after the other. There [More]