When we think about art, it is likely that we consider a painting that is hanging in a gallery or, perhaps, we may think about the sculpture. Art is not limited to those mediums, however, and there are many different things that an artist can use to create something beautiful. At times, an artist may have a natural ability to use the strangest things and they can create a type of art that will absolutely amazing. When you see this artist creating a picture of a woman by using pushpins in a bulletin board, you might be surprised with how [More]
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of art? Many of us think about a painting that may be hanging in a museum or perhaps we think about a sculpture. In either case, it is the work of somebody’s hand and the talent that exists in their mind and body that allows them to create it. There are also some unique artists that may just have a surprise or two up their sleeve. Oleg Shupliak is a Ukrainian artist that created a rather unique series of “two in one” paintings that are actually optical [More]