Are you someone who enjoys science experiments? They not only help to introduce us to the world around us, there are times when they can help us to understand more about ourselves as well. This is not only true of some complex experiments that we may have done in science class, it is also true of some relatively simple experiments that we do at home as well. These are some of those simple options. The little tricks you will see in this video all involve something we have at home, paper. They are among some of the most basic tricks [More]
We live in a three-dimensional world but, in many cases, we operate on a two-dimensional level. It is a factor of life that many of us have grown accustomed to, and we don’t really consider the difference between 3-D and 2-D in most cases. When we see it come to life, however, it really catches our interest and that is especially true if you can take a two-dimensional surface and create a three-dimensional piece. This 3-D paper design is exactly what I am referring to. It involves something that is drawn on a regular sheet of paper but with a [More]