If you’re looking for something fun to do at a get together, taking a puzzle along with you may just be what is necessary to break the ice. Of course, I’m not talking about taking a jigsaw puzzle, I’m talking about a little mind game that will help to get people talking and may even win you a bet or two! There are many options available, but the Confuzzle is one that you should consider. When you lay this puzzle out on the table in front of others, it looks rather simplistic but the solution is going to be elusive. [More]
If you are looking for an enjoyable mind game, this one is going to be right up your alley. It involves a simple puzzle that is made out of 5 pieces and fits into a frame. You can even make this puzzle very easily out of some cardboard or, you can make it out of wood if you would like something a little bit more permanent. The puzzle begins by showing the board completely full of the five pieces without any space left over. You move some of the pieces around and suddenly, there is a little square of space [More]