When we look at the world around us, we see it in vivid colors. Those colors, including blue, red, yellow and green, are a part of our lives and we naturally assume that they exist in the world on the outside. The fact of the matter is that color actually is only how we perceive the world according to the way that light reaches our eyes. Depending on how the light reacts to the sensitivities of our light receptors, it makes a difference in how we see things. This science of seeing color is known as colorimetry and it truly [More]
There is something that is taking place within us on an ongoing basis, 24 hours every day, and we don’t ever really give it the consideration it deserves. I’m talking about our thoughts, something that is with us constantly. They happen in the brain through a complex series of electrical impulses and chemical reactions but, in the end, it gives us consciousness and the ability to reason. That is what makes the human brain so amazing. Most people are at least loosely aware that these things are happening but did you realize that you actually have a dual system in [More]
It seems as if the world is divided into two different groups of people. One of those groups tends to be outgoing and they seek other people so that they can interact with them. That group is known as extroverts. The other group is introverts and they tend to be shy and want to spend most or all of their time by themselves. Neither is right or wrong, they are just different personalities. More than likely, you have an idea of which of those groups you fit into. What might come as a surprise to you, however, is that you [More]
When many of us think about technology, we typically think about electronic devices that continue to advance on a regular basis. What we may not consider, however, are all of the other things in the world around us that rely on technology and the advances that are being made. That can clearly be seen when you look at Nitonol memory wire. It is not something that you might consider regularly, but it is something that is quite amazing. This type of wire has a memory in the fact that it can remember its original shape. It is possible to set [More]
When we were children, we may have played with a wide variety of items. For some of us, it may have been marbles and for others, dominoes. Of course, today, many children play with electronic devices. There is one thing, however, that tends to be remarkable to children, regardless of when they grew up. It is a gyroscope and, although it is a relatively simple device, it can provide hours of enjoyment once you begin using it. A gyroscope is a relatively simple contraption. It is a wheel or a disk that is spinning and the access on which it [More]
Have you ever gone to a party and it seems as if it is just lacking something? Perhaps they have everything set up properly and there are a lot of interesting people there but, unfortunately, it just seems to be a flop. In many cases, it is just a matter of not providing proper entertainment and it doesn’t need to be anything elaborate, just keep people interested and they’re going to remember the party as being a hit. If you’re looking for something to do at a party that is simple to set up but will really catch people’s attention, [More]