Crazy Chair Illusion

Most of us don’t take a lot of time out of our busy day to consider the way that our vision works. When we do so, however, it can really teach us a lot about ourselves and enhance our lives in ways that you can’t even possibly imagine. Although there is a lot of science that goes into it, our vision is actually from light that bounces off of objects, enters into the eye and then is transformed into data that is processed within the brain.

This process goes on within our eyes and our brain on a continual basis and it is not something that we need to think about in order for it to happen. At times, our eyes can trick us and that is especially true when it comes to perception. When you see this video of a chair shadow, you will be amazed with exactly how much of a difference perception can make.

The human body is certainly fascinating but it is not infallible. Seeing something like this can make you understand exactly how a small thing, such as perception, can make a difference in large things in life, not only in the way that we see.


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