Spinning Chocolate Joy – Crazy Illusion!

There are many things we may appreciate about the world around us but for most people, an appreciation of art causes them to seek it regularly. It doesn’t matter if it is a painting hanging in a museum or if it is a beautiful song on the radio, it is something that helps to complete our lives in a wonderful way. Perhaps that is why we tend to surround ourselves with it regularly.

There is actually a science behind art that is known as neuroesthetics. It involves the perceptions that we have to art or music and it can also involve any type of object that would be considered art. Sometimes, we tend to stay within certain boundaries when it comes to our enjoyment of art but, at other times, we may step outside of the lines. That is what makes this short video so amazing.

When you first look at this cake, you might not find it to be to interesting. It looks nice but perhaps a little busy. When the start spinning the cake, it takes on a different look but not one that tends to make us stop to admire it but once the strobe lights start, it suddenly becomes a masterpiece.


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