10 Amazing Optical Illusions

There are many processes that take place in the human body on an ongoing basis and in most cases, we don’t even think about them. One of those is the sense of sight and we take in information from the world around us in order to give us the guidance we need to do anything from picking up a glass of water to driving an automobile. Much of it even takes place behind the scenes without even having to think about it.

What many people don’t know is that the eye is an amazing organ that can take in a large amount of information that is sent to the brain and processed within a split second. The problem is, even though the eyes are fast, they can’t always take in everything that comes their way. At times, they may ignore certain information or areas so that they can get the most information possible.

This issue results in a phenomenon that is known as optical illusions. The illusions in this video not only include those that trick the eye and the brain, it also involves other parts of the human body as well. Try these experiments at home and amaze your friends with them.



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