Best Non-Moving Optical Illusions in the World

At times, we may look at something and think that it is moving when in reality, it is not. In some cases, this can produce a dangerous situation because it can throw us off balance but in other cases, it is just a fun optical illusion. That is what this video provides for you, a number of different illusions that not only trick your eyes, they trick your brain. You won’t believe how well they work.

We’ve often used the expression that your mind is playing tricks on you, and it doesn’t always match exactly but it certainly does with these optical illusions. Researchers have tried for years to find out exactly why you are seeing something that isn’t there, and they have some suggestions but they haven’t been able to pin it down exactly. They think it may have to do with the way that the eye focuses or perhaps with rapid eye movements that take place.

Look through these optical illusions and you will see that they are some of the most fascinating that are available. They can trick the eyes but they also trick the mind and it doesn’t matter how much you try to look beyond them, they will still be there.

Non moving optical illusion


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