Can Your Eyes Beat These Optical Illusions?

The eyes are constantly picking up information from the world around us and transmitting it to the brain. When they do so, the brain is responsible for interpreting any information that is provided and using existing memories to create something that should be a close resemblance to what we are really seeing. The problem is, there are going to be times when we don’t see what is really there and that is what is known as an optical illusion.

The optical illusions provided in this video are quite amazing. Even after you understand the truth about what you are seeing, you can’t help but see the illusion itself. For example, there is one optical illusion that makes it appear as if objects are in motion when they are actually stationary. Researchers are not fully sure of why this takes place but it is thought to be due to rapid eye movements that provide sensory information to the brain.

This video is unique because it not only provides the optical illusion for you, it gives you an explanation of why you aren’t seeing what is really there. Go ahead and watch it for yourself and take the time to stop the video to take a closer look. You can’t help but see the illusion in front of you.


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