Four-Girl Chair Trick

When most of us think about optical illusions, the first thing that tends to come to mind is something that is drawn on a piece of paper and tricks the mind as well as the way. When they are done properly, they cause us to see something that isn’t there or perhaps to perceive something that is visually impossible. In any case, they can be quite interesting to see and even to study.

Sometimes, it is not only possible to look at one of these optical illusions on paper but it is possible to create more than real life. That is going to become evident when you see these 4 girls who take part in what is sometimes known as the human chair trick. They sit on chairs, put their hat on each other’s laps in a square and then the chairs are removed. It creates an interlocking illusion.

This type of illusion is a lot of fun to create and it even makes a great party. Of course, you would want to be cautious that you weren’t injured but, for the most part, it is the strength of the interlocking nature of this illusion that makes it easy to do.


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