Optical Illusions Compilation

An optical illusion is not only something that tricks the eyes and the brain; it can also be quite enjoyable as well. They are often used as a type of science experiment, to show that something is not always as it appears. They can also be used as a form of entertainment, and this is not only true on an individual basis but you may also appreciate what they can do for an audience as well.

In this compilation of interesting optical illusions, you will get a taste of almost every type of visual trickery that is available. It starts out with a group of individuals who are dressed in outfits that are black and white and it moves through a number of different optical illusions that are amazing to see. Perhaps the most interesting thing about these mind tricks is the fact that they still will fool the eyes, even if you already know the secret.

Perhaps one of the more interesting is when you’re told to look at a group of rotating circles for around 40 seconds and then look away. Make sure that you follow the instructions closely because it can really shock you with what your mind is able to do.


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