Optical Illusions: Test Your Eyes

The human eye is perhaps one of the most amazing organs within the human body. Not only is it the fastest organ for healing, it is also the one that provides us with sensory input that guides our movements throughout the day. What our eyes see is processed by the brain and then the brain provides us with the necessary information so that we can make the appropriate movements.

Since the eyes are such an important and impressive part of the human body, they are a part that we often take care of. We have them tested regularly and if necessary, we may even wear corrective lenses. Although going to the optometrist is one way to test your eyes, it is also possible to test both your eyes and your mind with this brilliant optical illusion video. You might be surprised with how many times you get the answer wrong.

You will have to stare at the screen for this video but don’t worry, nothing is going to jump out at you or frighten you. Try to follow through without skipping ahead, because that really keeps the test from being accurate. Just focus and have a calm mind and you will be amazed with how accurate the results are.


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