Simple Coin Trick

Many of us enjoy a good magic trick but in reality, they often involve some type of sleight-of-hand that simply tricks the eyes into seeing something that really isn’t there. That isn’t the case with every trick, however, and some of them might actually stun you with their ability to do something unusual. That is sure to be the case with this coin trick that you will try over and over again.

In order to do this coin trick, you need a quarter, or you can use any other coin, and a regular coat hanger. The trick is to balance the coin in the center of the coat hanger on the flat bottom part and then you can spin the coat hanger around your finger, and the coin will remain in place. It uses centrifugal force to do so but it seems as if it is impossible while it is happening.

This is another one of those little tricks that you are not only going to appreciate doing on your own, your children are going to appreciate it as well. Keep the secret to yourself to amaze them or use it to teach them a little something about science and the world around them.


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