Brain power – Stunning visual illusion

When it comes to our vision, most of us just tend to take things for granted. We don’t really consider everything that takes place when we look at the world around us but in reality, it is quite complex. We use our vision to study the world and it can help to guide us in making decisions, many of which we don’t even think about as we are making them.

One of the factors that many people don’t consider about their vision is their perception of what they see. For example, did you realize that the world is actually upside down compared to the way that you are seeing it and that color may not actually exist? These things can really make you stop and think about what you are actually seeing or, more specifically, what you might not be seeing when you look at anything.

This video is a good example of perception and how it can affect what we see. When you look at the heads of the people in this video, you will likely see the body as spinning but when you look at the hands, you will probably see them going back and forth. The truth really has to do with your perception of it.


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