Colour Blindness Test

When we look at the world around us, we see it in vivid color. In fact, without the color that we see, the world would really be limited to a certain extent. What you may not realize is that color might not exist in the world but what does exist is light. When the light reflects off of something in front of us, some of it reaches our eyes and, depending upon the way that it reaches them, we see it as a specific color.

Did you realize that one out of every 12 males has a problem seeing color? It is more dominant in men, but even females may have such a difficulty, even though it only takes place 0.5% of the time. There are different types of colorblindness, including red green and, in extreme cases, they only see in black and white. What may even surprise you more is that many people who are colorblind have no idea they suffer from it.

The little test in this video can help you to see if you are colorblind and what type of colorblindness you may have. It is a simple test, but don’t be surprised if you learn something unique about yourself.


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