Crazy Tables Optical Illusion

When we look at something, we expect that we are seeing the reality of what is there. In many cases, however, what we are seeing has more to do with our perspective rather than what is truly in front of us. Admittedly, it is often accurate and we are able to react according to what we are seeing but what if your mind was to trick you into seeing something that wasn’t real? How would you react?

In this video, the Crazy Russian Hacker shows you a rather amazing optical illusion. When you first start watching the video, you will see two tables, both of which are at different angles. The table on the left-hand side appears to be long and skinny but the table on the right-hand side appears to be closer to a square. Is that reality or just your perception of reality?

Take a moment to examine it closely and come up with the determination for yourself. You can then continue watching the video but don’t be surprised if you didn’t see what was really there. This is an optical illusion that fools everyone who sees it, so don’t always trust what you see with your eyes.

Crazy table illusion


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