Eye – Optical illusion

When many of us think about hallucinations, we don’t typically think about something being pleasant. It causes us to see something that doesn’t exist and it is often associated with the effects of medication or perhaps with an illness that we would rather avoid. It is also possible to appreciate hallucinations, especially if we are able to direct them in some way or another. That is what you will experience with this unique video.

In this video, you will have to look at the center of the screen and read some letters that are appearing one after the other. There are going to be plenty of other things happening on the screen around you, and it is best if you view it in full-screen mode, rather than viewing it small on your computer. Don’t worry, there are not going to be any surprises that will frighten or startle you.

It becomes rather interesting to watch what is taking place on the screen, even though you are focusing on the center. When you are told to look away from the screen, however, is when the hallucination really takes place. It is temporary, but it really shows you that things may not always be as they appear.


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