Cool 3D Trick Art – Bullet Hole in Hand

When we were in school, we may have done a wide variety of science experiments. Some of them were to show how we interacted with the world around us and others may have been so that we could see the elements which were sometimes unseen. Yet another type of experiment, and perhaps a favorite for most people, involved the way that the mind can trick the body into believing that it is seeing something that doesn’t actually exist.

Although it is not always considered a science experiment, these types of optical illusions can certainly be a lot of fun to do. We may do to them on a piece of paper, look at them online or perhaps watch videos of them but in any case, it is always amazing to see how the eye can trick the brain, even if we are aware of the fact that a trick is being played on us.

This little mind trick is a great example. It makes it appear as if we have a hole straight through our and we are seeing the paper underneath. In reality, it’s an optical illusion that uses 3-D art and it is something that you can create quite easily.


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