Hand Art

People can use their hands in rather remarkable ways and they are a part of the body that really is quite underrated. We use our hands to interact with the world around us and they can either be soft or harsh, depending upon the need. As you are about to see, the hands can also be used in a rather artistic way and it may be one that you had never considered before.

The pictures that you see in this video may look like various things from nature, including a rabbit, bird or even soldiers. If you take a closer look, however, you will quickly discover that they are actually hands that are drawn artistically and held in a position that really tricks the eyes. In fact, some of them are done so well that it is difficult to tell if they are real or if they are a hand.

Our hands have always been used for artistic purposes and many people will take advantage of skilled hands to paint something or perhaps to create a sculpture. As this video shows, hands can also be used as the art itself and when it is done properly, the results are amazing.


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