Amazing Magnetic Levitation Device

The world around us is truly is an amazing place. We could spend our entire lives looking into those various features of the world and we would barely even scratch the surface. Understanding the physical world around us, however, helps us to have a greater appreciation for it and may even teach us a little about ourselves as well. One part of that physical world that many of us find fascinating is magnetic forces.

The magnetic forces that exist in the world are seen on a small scale, as in refrigerator magnets or even in the microscopic world. It is also seen on a global scale, and magnetic forces help keep us safe from cosmic radiation. Those magnets have two poles, a North and a South and they can either attract each other or repel each other, depending upon how they are positioned. This video demonstrates that in a rather remarkable way.

Through the use of magnets, this little device can cause objects to appear as if they are floating in thin air. The magnets are powerful enough to hold up to 20 pounds and they can be hidden under the object, helping to extend the interesting way that they appear to us visually.


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