Drawing Levitating 3D Apple Skull, Time Lapse

Although there are many different types of optical illusions, including many different ways that those optical illusions can trick both the eyes and the mind, one that is often used is known as anamorphosis. This is the type of three-dimensional optical illusion that you often see with street art. When you look at it from any angle other than one specific vantage point, it looks as if it is distorted but when you’re at the proper vantage point, the drawing comes to life.

That is what you are going to see in this Apple skull drawing. As you watch a time-lapse video of the individual drawing it, it appears to be rather strange in the fact that it is elongated and a bit distorted. After he has finished drawing it, however, and turns it on its side, you begin to see something quite different. Suddenly, it takes on a life of its own.

When viewed at the proper vantage point, it has the ability to trick the eye into seeing something that just isn’t there. It is amazing to view, and you may just be able to create something similar to this yourself to amaze both your friends and your family.


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