Darcy Oake – Dove Illusions on Britain’s Got Talent

There are some people who are trained, or who train themselves, so that they can trick you into believing something that isn’t real. We typically refer to them as magicians, but they are actually taking part in a practice that is usually known as sleight of hand. It is a way of performing tricks that make you think that something isn’t there when it actually is or perhaps the opposite. In either case, it can be quite amazing.

The man in this video is quite skilled in that art and has been fascinated with it for the majority of his life. He has developed his skill to the point where he was able to appear on a popular TV talent show, and both the audience and the judges were amazed at what he was able to do. In fact, he made amazing things appear so many times, it is difficult to imagine how he kept everything straight.

Sleight of hand can be used in a number of different ways to create an illusion. It is considered an art form that can both entertain and manipulate, depending on how it is used. It may be applied to cart tricks, close up magic or, in the case of this man, doves.


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