Amazing Magnetic Device

Magnetic forces exist in the world around us, although most of us don’t really give them much thought. The fact of the matter is, however, if it weren’t for the magnetic forces that exist on a worldwide scale, our survival would be extremely limited. Those magnetic forces help the earth in so many different ways that it is difficult to list them but one way you will appreciate is that it keeps the cosmic rays from bombarding the earth and putting an end to life.

The interesting thing about magnets is that the forces do not only exist on a global scale, they can even be seen on a small scale as well. In fact, they even exist in the microscopic universe. If you would like to try an interesting scientific experiment, magnets are always going to provide something that will keep you interested and will also thrill any children that you happen to share it with.

The unique device that is shown in this video uses magnetic forces in order to make it appear as if objects are levitating. The small magnet can be hidden in any object and the base is also hidden. You would be amazed with what it is able to do, and your children will be amazed as well.


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