Amazing Secret Monitor

There are many people who enjoy looking at optical illusions but when they are actually able to take part in them as a type of experiment, they take on an entirely new perspective. In fact, these optical illusions can even be considered science experiments, and in many cases you can do them at home. Some of them are going to require a little more than a few pieces of paper but there are others that are a bit more complex.

The optical illusion that you see in this little experiment will require that you purchase an old polarizing monitor, but you can usually find them for around $20 at goodwill. You also need an old pair of glasses and a few tools, such as a razor knife and a scraper blade. Although you’re going to ruin the monitor for use on computers, what it is going to do as far as this illusion is concerned is loads of fun for you and anyone else that sees it.

By taking off the polarizing filter on the computer screen and using it on the glasses, you are making it possible to only see what is on the computer screen if you are wearing the glasses. Amazing!


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