Amazing Strength of Air

If you were to take a wooden ruler and put it on the edge of a counter, you could easily hit the part of the ruler that is sticking over the edge and flip it end over end out into the middle of the room. It really doesn’t take any special strength to accomplish; it is just a matter of hitting the ruler with enough force to propel it.

What if you were to take the same ruler on the edge of a counter but you were to place a piece of paper over the part of the ruler that was still on the counter. Do you think you would still be able to flip the ruler into the middle of the room? You might be surprised with what happens when you try. In reality, the ruler isn’t strong enough and it will simply break.

You can see such an experiment being done in real time in this video. Although it may look incredible, the science behind it is sound. You not only have to flip the paper along with the ruler, you also have all of the air that is exerting pressure on the paper as well. Now you know.


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