Amazing T-Rex Illusion

One form of art that many of us can appreciate, although we may not be able to view it as often as we would like, has to do with perspective. It is our perspective of the art that really changes the way that we view it. When standing at the right vantage point, it appears as if a two-dimensional piece of art becomes a three-dimensional piece, and it doesn’t matter how we look at it, we are going to see it as three-dimensional.

This type of perspective really changes the way that we view the world around us. It doesn’t always exist in nature, but it is possible to manipulate a two-dimensional surface so that it appears to be three-dimensional. It is also possible to do this at home, as is the case with this interesting T Rex dinosaur.

Not only is this a lot of fun to do, children are going to find it especially enjoyable. It involves perspective and it is something that you can do at home, using dinosaurs, which is something that most children love. The interesting thing about this illusion is that it doesn’t only involve a single vantage point, you can move around and see it change.

GreenT-Rex image

Red T-rex

Blue T-rex


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