Ballerina doing a special trick with a fence

When you look at the following video, you are going to see something that appears to be impossible but it is actually taking place in front of your eyes. Admittedly, it is a digital image but the fact that it is digital has nothing to do with it. The ballerina begins by leaning on a fence but as the camera is rotating, it seems as if the fence suddenly reverses direction and the ballerina melts right through it!

Most people would think that this is just a digital creation but the fact is, it is an effect that is known as the Ames window effect. It is possible to see the truth behind this factor by cutting out a shape that is distorted, rotating it on its axis and closing one eye. This particular drawing was created by a psychologist and a graphical specialist.

There is much that goes into this type of illusion but it has to do with the way that our brain reconstructs what we see. It begins by reconstructing an overview of the world but, in some cases, things may go wrong if our perception of it is distorted by a neighboring image. Regardless of why it works, it is amazing to see.


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