Dice optical illusion

It would be difficult to find anyone who has never played with dice before. Although they could be part of a game of chance, they are also something that can be used in a number of other ways as well. As a familiar object, they may also be used as part of an optical illusion that most of us would find rather incredible. That is what you will see in this video.

When you first look at this video, you will see what appears to be a stack of floating dice. You may actually wonder how he is able to have the dice float and is it possible that he has something in between the layers to make it appear as if it is floating. It doesn’t take long, however, before he flattens everything out and you realize that you were not looking at a three-dimensional object after all.

Optical illusions, such as this one, are a rather interesting phenomena that most of us can appreciate. The eye is an incredible organ but from time to time, it may take a shortcut when it is not able to process enough information at one time. That may be one of the reasons why this illusion is so elusive.


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