Optical Illusion – Reverse Mindwarp

There are many different types of optical illusions that make use of the checkerboard. In some cases, it may have to do with the shade of the squares and in others, it may be associated with spots that are placed on the board. In either case, it has the ability to trick the mind and when you see this video, you are going to be shocked with what your eye begins to see.

It took the person in this video over four hours to place 200 little white squares at specific areas on the checkerboard pattern. As they continue to be added to the board, your mind automatically begins to connect the dots. This has the effect of pulling the checkerboard pattern out of square and it begins to look warped inward. It is rather amazing to see, but there is something even more incredible that you may not consider at first.

It doesn’t matter whether you know that the illusion does exist or not, your brain cannot help but see it. As you continue to watch, the illusion continues to get stronger and more difficult to see beyond. It is truly amazing how the brain reacts to what the eye sees.


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