Reach through the screen and touch things

Electronics certainly have changed our lives and in the past few decades, they have taken over the world in a number of ways. In fact, many of us could not imagine a day in which we didn’t have electronics, regardless of whether they are used to play games or if they are used to communicate with others. As you are about to see, they can also be used in interesting ways that most of us don’t typically think about.

Using electronics and a board of movable pieces, it is possible to make it appear as if you are actually moving the pieces in front of you. It is not something that most of us have the capability of doing on our own but when you see it in action through this video, it creates a rather remarkable optical illusion. In fact, you might have doubts that it is true but this is only a sampling of what is possible.

As the electronic age continues to move forward, we will see more and more interesting things come our way. This is just a taste of some of the possibilities with electronics, but it is something that we will find interesting for many years to come.


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