Optical illusions can be a lot of fun and they are something that many of us enjoy viewing when we have a little bit of spare time. Some of them are relatively simple but others are complex. In either case, an optical illusion changes the way that you see the world in front of you and makes the impossible seem possible. It does so in a wide variety of ways but in this video, you are going to see perspective being used brilliantly. This video is actually a Honda commercial but when you see what they are able to do [More]
When it comes to optical illusions, many of us try to to see beyond what is taking place in front of us to see if we can truly understand what is behind it. As a matter of fact, even science has gotten involved in this regard and they have a number of theories as to why an optical illusion may trick the mind and the eyes. At other times, however, an optical illusion may border on a science experiment and it is not tricking you, what you are seeing is reality. That is what you’re going to see in this [More]
Some types of optical illusions are easy to do and you can often do them with items that you have around the house. At other times, they may involve some type of digital image or perhaps a piece of art that you have to view on the computer. In the case of this particular optical illusion, it requires a specific mirror kit but you can purchase one online and the effects that it causes are absolutely amazing. This type of mirror creates a hologram effect that is impossible for you to see beyond. It actually uses a concave mirror with [More]
Although there are many types of optical illusions, when you are able to combine one with a science experiment, the effects can truly be amazing. One of those experiments that turns into a rather interesting optical illusion uses sound to manipulate objects in ways that you may not have considered possible. Viewing this is not only pleasing to the eye, it also teaches you something about the world around us that you may not have known before. When we hear a sound, there is more going on than just hearing the noise. Sound is actually a vibration and it travels [More]
Art is perhaps one of the most subjective things in the world around us and there are many different things that could be considered art. For some people, art has to do with a painting hanging in a gallery but for others, it is found in nature and it doesn’t matter which direction you look, you are going to see something artistic taking place. One type of art, however, that many people find interesting involves perspective. Perspective is a type of art that involves drawing solid objects on a two-dimensional surface. Although this may not sound interesting in and of [More]
Art is something that has been a part of our lives for millennia and some of the art that was available thousands of years ago still fascinates people down to this day. From time to time, however, something a little different others on the scene and it quickly becomes popular. That is the case with 3-D art, which has really gained in popularity over the past century or so. Three-dimensional street art has been in existence since the late 1800s, and at that time, there were actually several hundred people in the UK making a living by drawing on the [More]
There are many different things that we see in the world around us and we use our sense of vision to interpret those items in ways that we don’t quite understand. For example, color has to do with the way that light bounces off of objects and our perspective, in part, has to do with the fact that our eyes are separated slightly from each other. One other factor that we see on a regular basis is movement. Movement is defined as changing physical location or position, and we see things in motion in the world around us at all [More]
When many of us think about hallucinations, we don’t typically think about something being pleasant. It causes us to see something that doesn’t exist and it is often associated with the effects of medication or perhaps with an illness that we would rather avoid. It is also possible to appreciate hallucinations, especially if we are able to direct them in some way or another. That is what you will experience with this unique video. In this video, you will have to look at the center of the screen and read some letters that are appearing one after the other. There [More]
One form of art that many of us can appreciate, although we may not be able to view it as often as we would like, has to do with perspective. It is our perspective of the art that really changes the way that we view it. When standing at the right vantage point, it appears as if a two-dimensional piece of art becomes a three-dimensional piece, and it doesn’t matter how we look at it, we are going to see it as three-dimensional. This type of perspective really changes the way that we view the world around us. It doesn’t [More]