When we look at something, we expect that we are seeing the reality of what is there. In many cases, however, what we are seeing has more to do with our perspective rather than what is truly in front of us. Admittedly, it is often accurate and we are able to react according to what we are seeing but what if your mind was to trick you into seeing something that wasn’t real? How would you react? In this video, the Crazy Russian Hacker shows you a rather amazing optical illusion. When you first start watching the video, you will [More]
Here’s a very impressive impossible rooftop illusion by Kokichi Sugihara, a professor of Mathematics Engineering at the Meiji University, Japan. As you can see on the first part of the YouTube video, four balls were placed on top of the triangular rooftop one by one. It seems that they magically stay on top and do not fall. But before you eventually freak out, watch carefully when the house is being turned around in a different angle. This only proves that we should look at things in different perspective before we make a conclusion. Magic? Nah! Brilliant illusion? Yes, and it [More]
There is no denying the fact that the brain is an amazing part of the human body. Scientists have yet to unlock many of its mysteries and it is unlikely that they will ever fully comprehend all that the brain has to offer. It is even said that we only use a small portion of our brain, so our abilities may be far beyond what now exists. Even though that is the case, it is still possible to trick the brain in a variety of ways. One of the interesting ways that the brain can be tricked is first by [More]
When we’re looking at some photos, we can’t help but to have a dirty mind. This is because the pictures were taken in awkward angle. Well, here are 56 of them to test your mind. What is that crocodile doing? Why is the girl in the wedding dress closing her eyes? What is the woman in the café doing to the statue? Is that really a cat’s tail? What do you see on the design of the back of an iPhone? And yes, what are those two objects on a tree? Check the rest on the video. Don’t forget to [More]
When we were in school, we may have done a wide variety of science experiments. Some of them were to show how we interacted with the world around us and others may have been so that we could see the elements which were sometimes unseen. Yet another type of experiment, and perhaps a favorite for most people, involved the way that the mind can trick the body into believing that it is seeing something that doesn’t actually exist. Although it is not always considered a science experiment, these types of optical illusions can certainly be a lot of fun to [More]
Wonderful photos are everywhere, but we can rarely find some cool optical illusions in them. So, in this compilation, we are lucky to see some of them. As you can see, the moon looks as if it is strange location. What do you think of the clouds that were shaped like it was a smoke coming from the horn of the statue? The woman holding a mirror looks creepy, isn’t she? And did I just saw two airplanes coming out from the ears of an elderly man? Well, some of the photos are not accidental but are still cool to [More]
Imagine yourself seeing a 9-feet tall dragon standing in front of you and its head follows you wherever you go. If you can’t, just look at this amazing dragon illusion standing on an office chair. As you can see, the dragon’s face follows the camera wherever it goes. And no, it’s not fake. Thanks to Jerry Andrus, the iconic American magician who created this amazing illusion. The concept behind this 3D dragon illusion is not really new. In fact, you can easily find a Gathering for Garder 3D dragon template so you can make your own. Creepy but interesting illusion! [More]
If you haven’t heard of the Escherian Stairwell, then it’s time you should. This amazing never-ending stairway is an optical illusion created by Filipino architect Rafael Nelson Aboganda in 1968. As you can see on the video, its unique design allows you to go up but will bring you back to where you started. You can see a young lady freaking out aft she tried it. The Escherian Stairwell is located at the Frank B. Gannett building at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. Aboganda created this impossible object after being inspired with mythical Penrose stairs. The secret? [More]
Our brain reacts based on what we see. But most of the times, we only look in one perspective so we tend to be fooled by illusion. You’ll see two of them in this YouTube video prepared by Meiji University Mathematics Engineering professor Kokichi Sugihara, and was uploaded by New Scientist. For the first one, you’ll be amazed how a straight stick can pass through two squares side by side. The next one show a red ring placed behind the vertical column, but at the same time passes in front of all the four horizontal perches. Impossible motion, indeed! Don’t [More]