There are many people in this world who have artistic talent but not all of them display it in the same way. Some individuals may work in watercolors and do a painting that is so realistic, it looks as if it is a photograph. Other people may display their artistic abilities in other ways, such as writing poetry or perhaps playing music. What if I were to tell you that some of the most fascinating art in the world is actually drawn on the street? Many of us drew on the sidewalk or street when we were young children. We [More]
When we were children, we may have played a number of different games that most of us have given up now that we are adults. At times, those games may have involved something rather simple but when we think back on it, the actions of it were quite complex. An example of this is when we would set up dominoes and knock them over in a line. There were actually a number of scientific principles that were involved in it and it formed an illusion that was quite beautiful. Some people never gave up playing with dominoes in such a [More]
Although there are many different forms of art, one that has become increasingly popular in today’s world is street painting, also known as pavement art, street art or 3-D street art. When done properly, it creates an illusion that tricks the eyes into believing that you are looking at a three-dimensional image, even though it was drawn on a two dimensional surface. In the following video, you are going to see some of the best 3-D street art that exists. Some of it was drawn for competitive purposes and others because the individual wanted to display their artistic abilities. In [More]
Although there are many different types of optical illusions, including many different ways that those optical illusions can trick both the eyes and the mind, one that is often used is known as anamorphosis. This is the type of three-dimensional optical illusion that you often see with street art. When you look at it from any angle other than one specific vantage point, it looks as if it is distorted but when you’re at the proper vantage point, the drawing comes to life. That is what you are going to see in this Apple skull drawing. As you watch a [More]
People can use their hands in rather remarkable ways and they are a part of the body that really is quite underrated. We use our hands to interact with the world around us and they can either be soft or harsh, depending upon the need. As you are about to see, the hands can also be used in a rather artistic way and it may be one that you had never considered before. The pictures that you see in this video may look like various things from nature, including a rabbit, bird or even soldiers. If you take a closer [More]
Much of the artwork that people truly appreciate takes place on a two dimensional surface. For example, somebody may work on a piece of canvas using watercolors, pastels or perhaps even pencils and they can create something that takes on a life of its own. As it turns out, it is also possible to draw on a larger two-dimensional surface and what it is done properly, it becomes a three-dimensional piece of art. Not only will you find these pieces of art to be a realistic, they will also take your breath away and can captivate your attention in ways [More]
Wonderful photos are everywhere, but we can rarely find some cool optical illusions in them. So, in this compilation, we are lucky to see some of them. As you can see, the moon looks as if it is strange location. What do you think of the clouds that were shaped like it was a smoke coming from the horn of the statue? The woman holding a mirror looks creepy, isn’t she? And did I just saw two airplanes coming out from the ears of an elderly man? Well, some of the photos are not accidental but are still cool to [More]
What type of games did you play when you were a child? Today, many children play on electronic devices and that is the majority of their playtime but it wasn’t all that long ago that we didn’t have iPads or cell phones available. Back then, we needed to entertain ourselves in different ways and some of them were rather ingenious, not only in the fact that they kept us busy but they also helped to teach us something about the world around us. One of the things that many of us enjoyed when we were children was playing with dominoes. [More]
When we think about art, it is likely that we consider a painting that is hanging in a gallery or, perhaps, we may think about the sculpture. Art is not limited to those mediums, however, and there are many different things that an artist can use to create something beautiful. At times, an artist may have a natural ability to use the strangest things and they can create a type of art that will absolutely amazing. When you see this artist creating a picture of a woman by using pushpins in a bulletin board, you might be surprised with how [More]