What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of art? Many of us think about a painting that may be hanging in a museum or perhaps we think about a sculpture. In either case, it is the work of somebody’s hand and the talent that exists in their mind and body that allows them to create it. There are also some unique artists that may just have a surprise or two up their sleeve. Oleg Shupliak is a Ukrainian artist that created a rather unique series of “two in one” paintings that are actually optical [More]
When it comes to human strength, most of us tend to think about our physical abilities. We may go to the gym regularly and could even exercise at home, strengthening our muscles, building our physique and becoming stronger. The fact of the matter is, however, physical strength is only a part of our overall abilities. You also need to think about your mental strength and if you don’t have a strong mind, you could be in for some serious problems. When you think about your own mind, do you consider it to be exceptionally strong? Many people do, but when [More]
When you get together with friends or family at a party, there is often a little bit of friendly betting that takes place. At times, it is really just a matter of having some fun but it can be frustrating to lose the bet, especially if you lose them consistently. That is where this unique little video comes in. It shows you 10 different things you can do that will trick others and you will win the bet every time. The items that you need for these bets is not anything that you wouldn’t find in most households. For example, [More]
Art takes on many different forms. In some cases, it can be a natural part of the world around us that is used in an artistic way. In other cases, however, people were able to manipulate a two dimensional surface in order to create something that is truly unique. They may come in the form of a drawing on a piece of paper or a painting on canvas but in any case, it is something that we marvel over, especially if we don’t share that talent. As you are about to see, there are also cases in which people take [More]
When we were young children, we often drew on the sidewalk with chalk but nobody, outside of our parents, really cared what we were drawing. Typically, it was either writing a few friends’ names or perhaps drawing a hopscotch board and that was the limit of our artwork. As you are about to see, however, some people have taken that artwork to an entirely new level and it is awesome. When you use perspective, it is possible to turn a two-dimensional object into a three-dimensional piece of art. You will see it clearly presented before you in these 3 Dimensional [More]
Although there are many types of optical illusions, when you are able to combine one with a science experiment, the effects can truly be amazing. One of those experiments that turns into a rather interesting optical illusion uses sound to manipulate objects in ways that you may not have considered possible. Viewing this is not only pleasing to the eye, it also teaches you something about the world around us that you may not have known before. When we hear a sound, there is more going on than just hearing the noise. Sound is actually a vibration and it travels [More]
Are you looking for a rather interesting, yet fun experiment to play at a party or perhaps to show to your children? This is going to be the one that will amaze everyone. After all, it uses a combination of science and mathematics to direct you around the board so that the answer is going to be obvious. It doesn’t matter where you begin, you will land on the proper square and you can spin it any way you want. In this video game, it is done to show if you are going to live or die but it is [More]
One form of art that many of us can appreciate, although we may not be able to view it as often as we would like, has to do with perspective. It is our perspective of the art that really changes the way that we view it. When standing at the right vantage point, it appears as if a two-dimensional piece of art becomes a three-dimensional piece, and it doesn’t matter how we look at it, we are going to see it as three-dimensional. This type of perspective really changes the way that we view the world around us. It doesn’t [More]
Doing little science experiments at home are a great way to enjoy some time in the middle of a slow afternoon. As long as they are relatively simple to do, you can set them up within a matter of minutes and some of them will not fail to fascinate you, regardless of how many times you do it. That is the case with this shampoo trick, which is simply amazing in what it does. The only thing that you will need for this experiment is to glass dishes and a bottle of shampoo. It makes use of something that is [More]
When most of us think about psychology, the first thing that comes to our mind is a doctor sitting in front of us and trying to analyze the way that we think. Although that may be true in a loose sense, you might be surprised to learn exactly how much our vision has to do with our mind. Of course, we realize that the images we see are from light gathered in the eyes and transmitted as data to the brain, but there are other ways in which it can be seen as well. One of those methods is known [More]
Art is something that has been a part of our lives for millennia and some of the art that was available thousands of years ago still fascinates people down to this day. From time to time, however, something a little different others on the scene and it quickly becomes popular. That is the case with 3-D art, which has really gained in popularity over the past century or so. Three-dimensional street art has been in existence since the late 1800s, and at that time, there were actually several hundred people in the UK making a living by drawing on the [More]
There is something that all of us must deal with on a daily basis and, regardless of how we might try to avoid it, it is inevitable that it is part of our lives. I’m talking about the physical laws of the universe, something that affects us and we never really give it much thought. One of those natural forces is gravity, a type of phenomena that causes mass to be brought toward one another. Gravity can be felt on a universal scale, such as when galaxies are held together or even clusters of galaxies seem to be held together. [More]