Doing little science experiments at home are a great way to enjoy some time in the middle of a slow afternoon. As long as they are relatively simple to do, you can set them up within a matter of minutes and some of them will not fail to fascinate you, regardless of how many times you do it. That is the case with this shampoo trick, which is simply amazing in what it does. The only thing that you will need for this experiment is to glass dishes and a bottle of shampoo. It makes use of something that is [More]
When it comes to human strength, most of us tend to think about our physical abilities. We may go to the gym regularly and could even exercise at home, strengthening our muscles, building our physique and becoming stronger. The fact of the matter is, however, physical strength is only a part of our overall abilities. You also need to think about your mental strength and if you don’t have a strong mind, you could be in for some serious problems. When you think about your own mind, do you consider it to be exceptionally strong? Many people do, but when [More]
There are many things we may appreciate about the world around us but for most people, an appreciation of art causes them to seek it regularly. It doesn’t matter if it is a painting hanging in a museum or if it is a beautiful song on the radio, it is something that helps to complete our lives in a wonderful way. Perhaps that is why we tend to surround ourselves with it regularly. There is actually a science behind art that is known as neuroesthetics. It involves the perceptions that we have to art or music and it can also [More]
When many of us think about hallucinations, we don’t typically think about something being pleasant. It causes us to see something that doesn’t exist and it is often associated with the effects of medication or perhaps with an illness that we would rather avoid. It is also possible to appreciate hallucinations, especially if we are able to direct them in some way or another. That is what you will experience with this unique video. In this video, you will have to look at the center of the screen and read some letters that are appearing one after the other. There [More]
Our brain is perhaps the most incredible thing in the known universe, and it constantly amazes scientist who study it regularly. It doesn’t matter how much we learned about the brain, it seems as if there is always something new to learn and scientists may never be able to unlock all of its secrets. One thing that is known, however, is that our brain is separated into 2 different hemispheres, the right brain and the left brain. The different sides of the brain process information in different ways. More than likely, you have a natural tendency to think one way [More]
At one time, optical illusions were something that we looked at when somebody handed us a paper or perhaps we would have a book full of different optical illusions. They often amazed us, showing us that the world was not always exactly as we perceive it. In fact, some of those optical illusions continue to fool us, regardless of how many times we look at them or where they appear. Today, we still may appreciate a good optical illusion that we see on paper but, more than likely, we see them online. Sometimes, they even are produced through digital means [More]
At some time or another, all of us have enjoyed looking at optical illusions. Perhaps we saw them in school or we may have looked at them online but, in any case, they are something that can trick the mind and the eyes into perceiving a different reality than what is actually in front of us. The following optical illusions provide many different examples of how this may take place in real life. As you are about to see in this video, optical illusions are more than something that scribbled on a piece of paper or perhaps computer-generated. These take [More]
There are many different types of optical illusions, some of which can be quite difficult to understand. Science has even attempted to explain why they trick the eyes and the mind, but they are often limited in their ability to give a proper explanation. Some optical illusions require complex computer programming but others, such as the one you are about to see, simply require some cards and a pair of scissors. This optical illusion is known as a hypercard, and it can really trick the mind into wondering how it is even possible. It uses a single card from a [More]
Art takes on many different forms. In some cases, it can be a natural part of the world around us that is used in an artistic way. In other cases, however, people were able to manipulate a two dimensional surface in order to create something that is truly unique. They may come in the form of a drawing on a piece of paper or a painting on canvas but in any case, it is something that we marvel over, especially if we don’t share that talent. As you are about to see, there are also cases in which people take [More]
There are some people who are trained, or who train themselves, so that they can trick you into believing something that isn’t real. We typically refer to them as magicians, but they are actually taking part in a practice that is usually known as sleight of hand. It is a way of performing tricks that make you think that something isn’t there when it actually is or perhaps the opposite. In either case, it can be quite amazing. The man in this video is quite skilled in that art and has been fascinated with it for the majority of his [More]
Optical illusions can be caused by a wide variety of effects. They are interesting, because, when we look at them, they trick our eyes into seeing something that isn’t there, even though we know that it doesn’t exist. At times, it can serve to amuse us but there are also cases in which an optical illusion can put us in harm’s way. It really depends on the circumstances surrounding the situation when you see the illusion. This optical illusion is unique, and quite interesting. It was created by Kokichi Sugihara from a Japanese university. As the roof on the garage [More]
There are many little science experiments that border on optical illusions, and this is one of them. It is a candle trick that requires a candle with a wick on both ends, a nail, lighter and two wine glasses. You put the nail through the candle at the pivot point and then rest the nail on the two wine glasses. At that point, you light both ends of the candle and watch the magic happen. A combination of the heat from the flame and the dripping of the wax creates the ability for the candle to sway back and forth [More]