One form of art that many of us can appreciate, although we may not be able to view it as often as we would like, has to do with perspective. It is our perspective of the art that really changes the way that we view it. When standing at the right vantage point, it appears as if a two-dimensional piece of art becomes a three-dimensional piece, and it doesn’t matter how we look at it, we are going to see it as three-dimensional. This type of perspective really changes the way that we view the world around us. It doesn’t [More]
If you’re looking for something fun to do at a get together, taking a puzzle along with you may just be what is necessary to break the ice. Of course, I’m not talking about taking a jigsaw puzzle, I’m talking about a little mind game that will help to get people talking and may even win you a bet or two! There are many options available, but the Confuzzle is one that you should consider. When you lay this puzzle out on the table in front of others, it looks rather simplistic but the solution is going to be elusive. [More]
When most of us think about psychology, the first thing that comes to our mind is a doctor sitting in front of us and trying to analyze the way that we think. Although that may be true in a loose sense, you might be surprised to learn exactly how much our vision has to do with our mind. Of course, we realize that the images we see are from light gathered in the eyes and transmitted as data to the brain, but there are other ways in which it can be seen as well. One of those methods is known [More]
Art is perhaps one of the most subjective things in the world around us and there are many different things that could be considered art. For some people, art has to do with a painting hanging in a gallery but for others, it is found in nature and it doesn’t matter which direction you look, you are going to see something artistic taking place. One type of art, however, that many people find interesting involves perspective. Perspective is a type of art that involves drawing solid objects on a two-dimensional surface. Although this may not sound interesting in and of [More]
When it comes to our vision, most of us just tend to take things for granted. We don’t really consider everything that takes place when we look at the world around us but in reality, it is quite complex. We use our vision to study the world and it can help to guide us in making decisions, many of which we don’t even think about as we are making them. One of the factors that many people don’t consider about their vision is their perception of what they see. For example, did you realize that the world is actually upside [More]
Our brain reacts based on what we see. But most of the times, we only look in one perspective so we tend to be fooled by illusion. You’ll see two of them in this YouTube video prepared by Meiji University Mathematics Engineering professor Kokichi Sugihara, and was uploaded by New Scientist. For the first one, you’ll be amazed how a straight stick can pass through two squares side by side. The next one show a red ring placed behind the vertical column, but at the same time passes in front of all the four horizontal perches. Impossible motion, indeed! Don’t [More]
Art is something that many of us can appreciate and we may even travel hundreds or perhaps even thousands of miles to visit an art museum. Hanging on the museum walls we will find many examples of what most people consider to be art but in reality, life is full of art and it shows in many different ways. One example of art is three-dimensional Street painting, which is something that is gaining in popularity and is quite amazing to see in real life. The 3-D street art that you see in this video is something that will make you [More]
It seems as if the world is divided into two different groups of people. One of those groups tends to be outgoing and they seek other people so that they can interact with them. That group is known as extroverts. The other group is introverts and they tend to be shy and want to spend most or all of their time by themselves. Neither is right or wrong, they are just different personalities. More than likely, you have an idea of which of those groups you fit into. What might come as a surprise to you, however, is that you [More]
Our eyes pick up information from the world around us and they allow us to see the world in a way that allows us to interact with it. This not only includes the perception of color, shapes and size, it also involves motion. Like anything else in the outside world, our eyes pick up light from objects and turn that light into data that can be understood by the brain. In the case of motion, it is known as motion perception. Motion perception is defined as a process of recognizing both the speed and direction of what is in front [More]
There are many little science experiments that border on optical illusions, and this is one of them. It is a candle trick that requires a candle with a wick on both ends, a nail, lighter and two wine glasses. You put the nail through the candle at the pivot point and then rest the nail on the two wine glasses. At that point, you light both ends of the candle and watch the magic happen. A combination of the heat from the flame and the dripping of the wax creates the ability for the candle to sway back and forth [More]
Most of us feel as if we have a fairly good grip on reality but the truth is, we may be fooled more easily than what we think. After all, it is not always reality that makes a difference in what we see but rather, it is our perception of reality. As a matter of fact, many people consider perception to be the real reality. That factor will be demonstrated in this video. An optical illusion is something that tricks the mind into thinking that the eye is seeing something different than what is actually there. In many cases, it [More]
The eyes are constantly picking up information from the world around us and transmitting it to the brain. When they do so, the brain is responsible for interpreting any information that is provided and using existing memories to create something that should be a close resemblance to what we are really seeing. The problem is, there are going to be times when we don’t see what is really there and that is what is known as an optical illusion. The optical illusions provided in this video are quite amazing. Even after you understand the truth about what you are seeing, [More]