Art is perhaps one of the most subjective things in the world around us and there are many different things that could be considered art. For some people, art has to do with a painting hanging in a gallery but for others, it is found in nature and it doesn’t matter which direction you look, you are going to see something artistic taking place. One type of art, however, that many people find interesting involves perspective. Perspective is a type of art that involves drawing solid objects on a two-dimensional surface. Although this may not sound interesting in and of [More]
When we look at anything in the world around us, we automatically think that we are seeing what we should be seeing. What many of us don’t realize, however, is that the eyes are somewhat limited in the amount of information that they can process, even though it is an amazing amount of data. Sometimes, the eyes tend to take a shortcut so that they can get as much information as possible while at the same time, not overloading the circuits, so to speak. Scientific research has shown that there are certain things the mind will do along with the [More]
Magnetic forces exist in the world around us, although most of us don’t really give them much thought. The fact of the matter is, however, if it weren’t for the magnetic forces that exist on a worldwide scale, our survival would be extremely limited. Those magnetic forces help the earth in so many different ways that it is difficult to list them but one way you will appreciate is that it keeps the cosmic rays from bombarding the earth and putting an end to life. The interesting thing about magnets is that the forces do not only exist on a [More]
Most of us feel as if we have a fairly good grip on reality but the truth is, we may be fooled more easily than what we think. After all, it is not always reality that makes a difference in what we see but rather, it is our perception of reality. As a matter of fact, many people consider perception to be the real reality. That factor will be demonstrated in this video. An optical illusion is something that tricks the mind into thinking that the eye is seeing something different than what is actually there. In many cases, it [More]
We live in a three-dimensional world but, in many cases, we operate on a two-dimensional level. It is a factor of life that many of us have grown accustomed to, and we don’t really consider the difference between 3-D and 2-D in most cases. When we see it come to life, however, it really catches our interest and that is especially true if you can take a two-dimensional surface and create a three-dimensional piece. This 3-D paper design is exactly what I am referring to. It involves something that is drawn on a regular sheet of paper but with a [More]
Much of the artwork that people truly appreciate takes place on a two dimensional surface. For example, somebody may work on a piece of canvas using watercolors, pastels or perhaps even pencils and they can create something that takes on a life of its own. As it turns out, it is also possible to draw on a larger two-dimensional surface and what it is done properly, it becomes a three-dimensional piece of art. Not only will you find these pieces of art to be a realistic, they will also take your breath away and can captivate your attention in ways [More]
When we were children, we may have played a number of different games that most of us have given up now that we are adults. At times, those games may have involved something rather simple but when we think back on it, the actions of it were quite complex. An example of this is when we would set up dominoes and knock them over in a line. There were actually a number of scientific principles that were involved in it and it formed an illusion that was quite beautiful. Some people never gave up playing with dominoes in such a [More]
Wonderful photos are everywhere, but we can rarely find some cool optical illusions in them. So, in this compilation, we are lucky to see some of them. As you can see, the moon looks as if it is strange location. What do you think of the clouds that were shaped like it was a smoke coming from the horn of the statue? The woman holding a mirror looks creepy, isn’t she? And did I just saw two airplanes coming out from the ears of an elderly man? Well, some of the photos are not accidental but are still cool to [More]
There are many different types of optical illusions that make use of the checkerboard. In some cases, it may have to do with the shade of the squares and in others, it may be associated with spots that are placed on the board. In either case, it has the ability to trick the mind and when you see this video, you are going to be shocked with what your eye begins to see. It took the person in this video over four hours to place 200 little white squares at specific areas on the checkerboard pattern. As they continue to [More]
When you suspend a weight from a pivot, it can swing freely and it is something that is known as a pendulum. In some cases, a pendulum may actually move on its own thanks to the movement of the earth but for our purposes, these types of pendulums are often only in movement when we start them in motion. In fact, there is a specific mathematical equation that can explain it all, but regardless of the math behind it, it is amazing to see. In this video, you see a rather remarkable pendulum effect that occurs when you have a [More]
When you look at an image, you would expect your brain to process the information that it receives from your eyes and to give you the reality of what is in front of you. When you look at optical illusions, however, they are designed to do the opposite. You are still taking in sensory input through the eyes and transmitting that data to the brain but what the brain sees may be quite different than what you’re actually seeing. Many people are confused as to how these types of optical illusions work. In reality, it has to do with light [More]
Although there are many types of optical illusions, when you are able to combine one with a science experiment, the effects can truly be amazing. One of those experiments that turns into a rather interesting optical illusion uses sound to manipulate objects in ways that you may not have considered possible. Viewing this is not only pleasing to the eye, it also teaches you something about the world around us that you may not have known before. When we hear a sound, there is more going on than just hearing the noise. Sound is actually a vibration and it travels [More]